What Can We Learn From Uncertain Times?

April 29, 2020    Comment off

Without a doubt, the business world as we know it has changed. These uncertain times have led many businesses to adapt how they operate, with masses now working from home, how they sell, with prospects now requiring different needs, and how they grow, with economic uncertainty stunting growth.

However, there are some clear learnings we can take from this unique situation we find ourselves in. It’s quickly become clear that much of what we love and our daily activities are taken for granted. The restaurants we frequently visit, the friends and family we spend time with, the supermarket shop we get our essentials from, the sport we enjoy watching, a trip to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster, the simple joy of being outside at a social BBQ in sunny weather…

With everything going on, leaders are required to help businesses and people get through this situation. We will recover from this crisis, but it will take time and leadership. And while the way the business world adapts, there are certain things we can all learn from that will help businesses recover quicker and get back to normal, even in the face of a global pandemic. While you may lose some things, these are things you won’t lose and can learn from for the future.

Relationships: Lifelong relationships will not be lost. Those business relationships that have been nurtured over time will still be there, as will friends and family. While deals and business might be on pause during uncertain times, be there for those you have a good relationship with and build relationships by helping them out in times of need. A show of good faith can be returned in the future.

Positivity: Fear and doubt are natural feelings, particularly when business is slow, but it is important to remain positive and optimistic. Nothing will be gained if you dwell on low sales or deals being put on hold, or becoming lazy or negative. When the going gets tough, you need to apply a positive attitude to do everything you can to make things better. Be future-orientated and adaptable. Don’t just sit on your thumbs and do nothing.

Knowledge: Nothing can take your knowledge and understanding away from you. When life resumes as normal, you’ll still have everything you’ve learned to use and benefit from it in the future. In fact, see this time as a chance to build upon your knowledge and further develop yourself.

Experience: Additional to the point above, experience is something you will always retain. It is invaluable, something that sets you apart, and something that will be crucial when we emerge the other side of this current situation. Use your experience as an advantage. 

Dreams: While your current objectives and goals might need to be re-thought, your dreams are still achievable and are important to your future. Absolutely keep them in mind. Let them fuel you through these hard times.

Hunger: The key to getting through this challenging time and finding success is hunger. If you are positive and hungry to succeed, you can apply that throughout this crisis and at the end of the tunnel. Start the day with a desire to take action and make something of each opportunity.

Empathy: Of course, in difficult times, empathy is a critical skill. Your ability to help people, share value and understand challenges will help you grow stronger. Now is a time to be empathetic towards others so when we emerge on the other side, you can hold your head up high.

Just remember, this current situation won’t last. This is not the end of business as we know it. It is part of the journey.