Press Release: National Sales Conference Launches The Growth Events Brand

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15th July 2020, UK: The organisers behind the National Sales Conference have launched a new umbrella brand to reflect the company’s growing product portfolio as well as its widening reach within the sales community. However, ‘The Growth Events’ brand is being launched as a campaign for companies and company leaders, as well as a hallmark of
quality of the business’s events products.

The Growth Events will cover; the National Sales Conference; the conference’s hugely popular Webinar Series which launched earlier this year; and the Sales Hub, the company’s ‘on-demand’ portal, now one of the biggest libraries of sales and leadership specific content in the market.

The brand has been primarily created to present more opportunities for sales professionals, marketing and procurement executives, and company leaders, to grow in their own rights; personally, and professionally. As part of this ambition, the brand will take on a number of initiatives that will support wider industry growth by offering a voice on; Sales Growth, Business Growth, Personal Growth, Ethical Growth, Diversity Growth and Mental Health Growth.

“We’ve reached a point where we have really great products in the marketplace,” commented Steve Lindsey, Managing Director, Lincoln West, the business behind both the National Sales Conference and The Growth Events brand. “What we wanted to do was bring them all together under a central brand and give them a wider responsibility to add value to the industry that we serve. This means creating opportunities for growth to our delegates, our sponsors and our speaker community.”

The Growth Events has been created as an open-source brand, with the business keen to allow sales professionals to ‘own’ their own ambitions around growth. The brand will be announcing ambassadors from businesses and individuals with affinity for the different aspects of growth.

“There are a lot of passionate people in our community and to many of them growth is more than just a financial concept,” continues Steve. “Growth can be about people development, leadership or even positive impacts on people and the environment. Through The Growth Events, we’re looking to capture that enthusiasm and allow them to create their own action around growth.

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