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I was watching the German F1 Grand Prix a few Sundays ago. It all looks so easy. Lewis Hamilton in his silver Mercedes carved his way through the field, overtaking, undertaking, and took first place.

All he’s doing is sitting down and driving isn’t it?

I do that. And I do it every day, not just on a Sunday afternoon. Plus, I have to contend with pedestrians, cyclists, speed cameras, roadworks and traffic.

I’m joking of course, but the thing is, when something is done well, it looks so easy.

Driving is one such example. You can read all the books about how to do it, you can learn about the mechanics of a car and you can sit next to someone and watch them do it. But
until you do it yourself, you’ll never quite master it. That’s because, as the old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’.

And it’s not just driving either. Think about handling a sales enquiry at your company. Sure, your team are doing it, but are they doing it well? Are they the Lewis Hamilton of answering sales enquiries? I don’t just mean speed (although that is important), but efficiency, prowess. Doing it so well that it’s made to look easy.

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In short, with a portable telephone role-play system, users can practice and rehearse anywhere until they get it right.

Nothing is easy. Everything takes work and time to perfect. And that’s why I blame Lewis Hamilton. He makes it all look far too easy!


Posted here with permission from our 2018 National Sales Conference Exhibitor, Phonecoach