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What are the five keys to improved sales performance?

What are the five keys to improved sales performance?

Sales experts talking at this month’s National Sales Conference share their five key insights to help sales leaders improve performance.

The brightest minds in sales performance will be sharing five key insights on how to boost the effectiveness of sales teams at the National Sales Conference on 30 November at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

The UK’s leading conference for sales leaders and sales professionals provides a mix of inspirational talks and practical tips. This year speakers will share insights into five key area areas that will help sales leaders improve their teams’ performance. They are:

1 How to become a champion performer

Sir Clive Woodward, Rugby World Cup Winning Head Coach and London 2012 Team GB Director of Sport, says there are three characteristics that people need to demonstrate in both sport and sales in order to become a champion performer.  They are teachability – the ability to capture and share knowledge to deliver high performance, being able to perform under pressure and having the right attitude and mindset to succeed.

2 How to ensure everyone is selling

Sales leader and executive advisor, Julie Holmes, says that by connecting everyone in the organisation to the right customers business can identify new opportunities. This approach, called Whole Company Selling, helps businesses identify new opportunities to grow sales.

3 Programming your brain to change your life and reach your goals

You need to look no further than your brain to understand what stops great performance. Best-selling author and speaker Allan Pease says that science now

shows us how to perform better so that we can achieve our goals.

4 Build a sales team for the future

We are the first generation of adults that don't know what the future holds. To try and make sense of the future of sales we need to look at the forces of change that are impacting on organisations and their sales operations, says futurist Dr Graeme Codrington. In his talk, Codrington will be looking at five ways in which sales leaders can future-proof their sales teams.

5 Sell more by saying less

There are three ways to improve proposals, according to communications expert and international best-selling author Andy Bounds. First get customer buy-in, second, learn to be more persuasive to overcome objections and finally know how to follow up your proposals successfully.

Commenting on the conference programme, Steve Lindsey of Lincoln West, organiser of the National Sales Conference, said: “Our packed conference provides practical insights from sales performance experts. The five tips they have shared here is just the tip of the iceberg. Sales leaders attending the National Sales Conference will learn many more techniques that will help them accelerate performance in their team.”

James Froud, Group Sales Manager at Reed.co.uk praised the practical nature of the event: “The conference has been really insightful and I have taken something from all the speakers. Networking with other delegates has also been really beneficial.”

Lindsey added: “With less than a month until the event, tickets are selling fast. Sales leaders interested in attending should buy their tickets now.”

For more information about the National Sales Conference

visit http://www.nsconference.co.uk

Notes to Editors: For more information about the National Sales Conference visit http://www.nsconference.co.uk. Please contact: 01732 525 950 (Tom Ward – tom@lincolnwest.co.uk). Images and video footage are available.