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How To Get More Sales Referrals

Sales referrals are vitally important to success. In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, 9 in 10 buying decisions involve peer recommendations. Additionally, according to Influtive, referrals have a 70% higher conversion rate and a 69% faster close time. The numbers speak for themself. So, knowing how important sales referrals are, why don’t we utilise […]

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The Difference Between Sales & Marketing Qualified Leads

Most businesses have their own process of passing a lead from marketing to sales. In sales and marketing terminology, this is known as the move between MQL (marketing qualified lead) and SQL (sales qualified lead). For marketing, moving a lead to SQL is often seen as the end goal. But there is more to the […]

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September 10, 2019    Comment off

5 Tips for Generating More Sales Leads

Prospecting for new customers is often cited as the most difficult part of any salesperson’s job. Putting in calls and sending out emails to prospective clients is often a defining moment in meeting their quota and bringing in qualified leads that meet the business’ requirements. Sourcing leads requires a salesperson to understand both the needs […]

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How to Generate Leads Without Marketing

Content marketing and inbound marketing are proving increasingly popular in generating leads and customers that help salespeople hit their quota. However, these techniques aren’t the be-all and end-all of sales prospecting and acquiring new customers. Without pouring cold water on the importance of marketing, we took a look at how the modern salesperson can still […]

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Why Prospect Development is Crucial in the Modern Business Environment

You’ve most likely heard that traditional sales strategy of ABC: “Always Be Closing.” This is because closing the deal is not only the most important part of the sales process but ultimately the most difficult to accomplish. But in the modern business environment, rather than being constantly fixated on closing the deal it’s more beneficial […]

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The Best Way to Celebrate Sales and Lead Generation

We take a look at how to unite your sales and marketing teams by creating unity, developing peer-to-peer recognition and keeping the forward momentum going. A Match Made in Heaven, Gone Wrong? Sales and marketing are a match made in heaven… or at least they should be. And as with any good match, it’s important to […]

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