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5 Sales Fundamentals to Sell Anything to Anyone

The salesperson is the biggest differentiator in sales today. With similar products and services everywhere, it is the salesperson that is able to make the biggest difference and sway sales either way. That means salespeople are in charge of their own destiny. It also means good salespeople with good fundamentals can adapt to any situation, […]

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4 of the Best Time-Saving Tips for Sales Leaders

When it comes to time, the more that can be spent on efficiency and effective activities, the better. Unfortunately, time is one of the things that needs to be guarded and managed in order to maintain productivity, and it’s also one of the biggest challenges. For Sales leaders who want to be successful, it’s critical […]

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June 24, 2020    Comment off

3 Sales Mistakes to Avoid

It’s easy to slip into bad habits and hard to get out of them. When it comes to selling, those bad habits can result in low productivity and poor results. Here are three sales mistakes to avoid at all costs! 1. Failing to provide value It’s critically important, particularly in the early stages, to communicate […]

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sales training tips 2020

January 14, 2020    Comment off

9 Sales Training Tips for 2020

Training is not a one-size-fits-all thing. Salespeople need specific training depending on their level of expertise, industry backgrounds, confidence and more. And training should never stop. Knowledge and understanding of doing things differently are critical to high-performing salespeople. Below we’ve outlined a mix of 9 top sales training ideas you can implement now. 1 – […]

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real time sales

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Why you need to do real-time sales

Customers today want information in real-time. They don’t expect to have to wait, particularly if they are ready to buy, and unwarranted cold calls are becoming more and more unpopular by the day. Enter real-time sales, via your website – which in the digital age has the potential to be your best-converting channel (if it […]

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soft selling

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How to Perfect the Art of the Soft Sell

As pushy sales techniques become ‘old school’, soft-selling has grown in prominence. Today’s prospects continually favour inbound, rather than outbound. Soft selling is a longer approach but can be incredibly rewarding. Particularly if your prospects are bombarded by salespeople who call them, send them generic emails, offer a demo straight away, and then want to […]

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5 Modern Learning Principles To Drive Higher Sales Performance

This is the first of a two-part blog series recapping Allego’s recent webinar: 5 Modern Learning Principles To Drive Higher Sales Performance, featuring Mike Kunkle. Mike is Founder and Sales Transformation Architect of Transforming Sales Results, LLC. Organizations thrive by continually embracing new systems and technologies to boost performance. Even players in the shipping industry of the […]

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Sales Readiness Unlocks Revenue Growth

The B2B landscape is rapidly evolving. Sales teams must keep pace with the latest market developments, new products and services, buyer behaviour, competitor news, and much more. The flow of information is unending. How can your sales team keep up? The answer is sales-readiness. Sales readiness encompasses efficient onboarding, ongoing sales communication, and effective coaching […]

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Numbers Talk: The Sales Metrics That Matter

Numbers are a constant focus for every sales organisation: more leads, more sales and more metrics being tracked are the common themes with the vast majority of sales teams. However, having too broad a perspective and tracking too many metrics can be detrimental to your salespeople’s’ effectiveness. Instead, taking a stripped-back approach can help you […]

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How Measuring KPIs Can Enhance Your Sales Organisation’s Success

It can often be difficult for sales managers to track the performance of their sales teams and business operations. But by measuring Key Performance Indicators they can track the progress of a business, department and individuals against goals that have been assigned to them. The key to successful use of KPIs is to choose the […]

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