February 18, 2021    Comment off

Is Sales an ‘Art’?

Before becoming a fully-fledged salesperson, you typically go through a variety of training and courses. While Sales as a profession may seem easy, those who are veterans of the role will tell you how hard it has become to sell in the 21st Century. There’s more competition than ever, higher prospects and customer expectations, and […]

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February 12, 2020    Comment off

Should Salespeople Be Blogging?

Writing blogs is a perfect place for your audience to find answers to their challenges, for you to establish an authentic voice amongst the crowd of competitors, and for you to engage with your prospects and customers. Before you think, that’s not a sales job. Think again. If you want to expand and grow your […]

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December 18, 2019    Comment off

5 Sales Excuses Your Sales Team Give For Not Hitting Targets

Selling isn’t an easy business, but even the most experienced salespeople will feel the pressure sometimes. Especially if they are not close to hitting their targets. It’s common for salespeople to come up with a load of excuses why that might be, but that shouldn’t deflect attention away from the fact that… They are not […]

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