• Thursday 29th November

Allan Pease

THE ANSWER: How to program your brain to change your life and reach your goals

International Best-selling Author and Speaker, Allan Pease addresses why you are where you are in life…  AND shows you how to get to where you REALLY want to be. For over thirty years Allan has been teaching Communication Skills, Body Language, and Sales and Negotiation techniques to governments, businesses and people in almost every country globally.

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Set and action clearly defined goals

  • Overcome obstacles and roadblocks

  • Avoid being manipulated by others

  • Take control of your life circumstances

  • Apply the art of visualisation and power of affirmations to get what you want

  • Deal with stress, fear and worry

  • Never give up


Ground-breaking Science. A session which will help you not only in your sales career but will be life-changing!

Allan Talking About This Years Conference