• Thursday 29th November

Andy Hanselman - Bonus Half Day Workshop, 29 November

The 7 Steps To Maximise Your Sales Effectiveness!

Customer expectations are getting higher, choice is getting wider and budgets are getting tighter! Businesses that can differentiate themselves in ever competitive markets are the ones that are winning. The role of the salesperson has never been more important – people buy from people and businesses that they trust, that are responsive and that ‘deliver’!

Our experience shows that many sales people are technically very competent – they know their products, what they do, and how they do it. However, more is needed – they need to be able ‘Demonstrate’ that to the customer and do it in a professional and proactive way.

It’s a stimulating, value adding, practical workshop to help you...

  • Significantly boost your sales performance

  • Increase the number and quality of leads you create

  • Improve your impact and effectiveness in a face to face situation with your prospects and customers

  • Win more business from them

  • Build winning relationships with your customers

  • Create repeat business, referrals and recommendations


What does the 'MAXIMISE!' workshop cover?

This stimulating, participative and interactive session will help you develop and improve your sales skills. No ‘double glazing’ or ‘hard sell’ tactics, but proven processes and techniques that help you build rapport, identify opportunities, overcome obstacles and win the business. It’s about being able to question, to listen, and build rapport; it’s about identifying customers needs and wants, solving their problems, selling ‘benefits’, handling objections, and crucially ‘making the sale’!