• Thursday 29th November

Julie Holmes

Whole Company Selling:  What if everyone in your company was helping you sell?

The digital economy is transforming our profession. We must evolve or get out of sales!
Sales targets keep being raised, but how much further can you stretch before you break? As a lone salesperson, you are limited (yes, even YOU!). Unless you can be everywhere at once, you’re missing opportunities that you didn’t even know existed and losing money in the cracks.

That’s why the future is Whole Company Selling™. This is your big opportunity to become a revenue generating machine fuelled by your entire organization while leaving a trail of happy colleagues and customers in your wake.

Hold on to your iPads while Julie Holmes explains the Whole Company Selling™ methodology and what you need to do to create an ecosystem that accelerates your sales. It’s time to embrace the digital economy and deliver more opportunities that generate kick-a$$ value for you and your business.

Delegates will learn:

  • The one most important action you must to take to succeed in Whole Company Selling™ (hint: it starts with LET and ends with GO)

  • The two biggest benefits of Whole Company Selling (yes, they’re both related to money)

  • The three ecosystems you should be working with that will get you more opportunities

Julie Speaking About This Years Conference