Enhance customer engagement, advance your sales force’s performance, improve the customer experience & take control of the buyer journey

21 May

Why CRM+?

The desire to better understanding the customer journey, improve operational needs and implement technology learnings requested by the C-suite audience at the National Sales Conference: CRM+ will show you how to enhance customer engagement, advance the performance of your sales force and improve the customer experience & take control of the buyer experience; providing tips, skills and tools that can be applied easily the very next day – generating more leads of a higher value, but importantly closing more deals at a quicker rate.

Why Invest in Sales Technology?

  • Drive sales effectiveness & revenue
  • Improved productivity & profit margins
  • Increased prospect & customer engagement
  • Incentivise, motivate and energise your sales force
  • Take control of the buyer journey

  • Who will be there?

  • CEOs, Sales Directors, Heads of Sales & Sales Managers
  • Sales Enablement, Sales Operations and L&D Professionals
  • CMOs, Marketing Directors & Marketing Managers
  • We wouldn't be able to host our conference without help from these amazing organisations. A huge thanks to all our sponsors and partners!

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    Platinum Partner

    £10,000x2 AVAILABLE
    • Customer Case Study Presentation
    • Education Keynote
    • Insights Programme
    • Premium Location Booth & Lounge
    • Pre/Post-Show Marketing (6 credits)
    • Platinum Branding

    Gold Partner

    £5,000x5 AVAILABLE
    • -----
    • Q&A Panel
    • Insights Programme
    • Poseur Table
    • Pre/Post-Show Marketing (3 credits)
    • Gold Branding

    Silver Partner

    £2,000x10 AVAILABLE
    • -----
    • -----
    • -----
    • Poseur Table
    • Pre/Post-Show Marketing (1 credit)
    • Silver Branding