For New Employees, Apprentices, Graduates & Businesses Wanting to Scale

In partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Network and Pitch Training from UK Business Angels Association

Business would be more successful if employees adopted an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Sam Rathling
LinkedIn Expert & Social Selling Strategist

Roderick Beer
MD, UK Business Angels Association

Leane Bonner-Cooke MBE
Founder, e-bate

Katie Matthews
Your Host, GEN

Guest Speaker

Fungai Ndemera
Health Tech Entrepreneur

Learn How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

13.30 – Registration & Networking
13.55 – Welcome: Katie Matthews, Director of Global Entrepreneurship Network
14.00 – Personal Branding: How To Win Fans & Build a Brand
14.30 – Leanne Bonner-Cooke MBE, Scaling for Survival: Securing Investment in a Pandemic
14.45 – Sam Rathling, Linkedin Expert & Social Selling Strategist


15.30 – Sustainability in Sales: Why Your Values Matter
16.00 – Fungai Ndemera, Investor & Tech Founder of Check-up Health
16.15 – Roderick Beer, Pitch Training: The Skills You Need to Gain Investment
16.45 – Close, Followed by Networking Reception

An ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’ is invaluable to everyone in business & sales

Whether you run your own business or you’re just starting your career, developing an entrepreneur mindset will enable you to think strategically, cope with change and work smartly.

All companies, whether start ups or multinationals, are driven by the need to make a profit and sales is the backbone of every organisation. Understanding and recognising the multiple selling touch points entrepreneurs face, whether you’re selling for profit or trying to secure investment, will ensure your business thrives.

With the rise of social media, companies are no longer faceless and price isn’t always the biggest issue – sustainability, brand creativity, exclusivity, added value, there are so many factors that flash through a consumers mind that help make the decision to buy.

You will learn how to…

✅ Build a go-to market strategy
✅ Develop your personal brand
✅ Deliver the perfect pitch to win clients and investment
✅ Create your own memorable company story
✅ Target & reach your perfect customer

Join us as we take you through the multiple selling points you need to realise for real success, including a pitch training session with UK Business Angels Association, trade body for angel investors.

An ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’ is invaluable to everyone in business & sales

The entrepreneur track is a joint initiative from the National Sales Conference and Global Entrepreneurship Network, to tackle businesses biggest hurdle: learning to sell. You should attend this event if you are:

✅ Start-up
✅ Budding entrepreneur
✅ SMEs & Businesses looking to scale
✅ Seeking investment
✅ New sales starter
✅ Employee in a new role or changing industry sectors
✅ Graduates & Apprentices