Sales isn’t all about Growth: Growth isn’t all about Sales

The Growth Hub

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What is ‘The Growth Hub’?

An umbrella brand that collects all the National Sales Conference brands under one identity. 

A central destination for sales professionals and business leaders to access high quality, original content 365 days a year.

A campaign with an ambition to create a collective voice of the sales profession, and to increase its role in positively influencing the world of business and wider society

What will it do?

Using the existing event portfolio, The Growth Hub will become a more consistent voice of the sales & revenue community, expanding to reach our colleagues in marketing, procurement, and to the highest level of business leadership. 

We’ll do so with one strand of conversation; simply, growth. 

How can the part of business that understands growth better than any other, contribute to the betterment of business, people & society

Watch this space …