Unemployed or out of work? You could win a ticket to this year's conference

What is the KISS (Keeping Industry Sales Strong) Initiative?

The United Kingdom’s Manufacturing, Technology & Automotive industry is continuing to reel from blows struck by market forces, as well as foreign investors who are looking to relocate their operations out of the country, leaving many skilled workers with a bleak future. With this in mind, the National Sales Conference launched the ‘KISS’ initiative to provide sales leaders (director level+) within UK manufacturing, technology & automotive a chance to learn new skills and network with potential employers who want to tap in to those transferable sales skills.

How does the initiative work?

The National Sales Conference will select 5 people each month in the lead up to NSC21 who qualify to attend the conference based on their role and desire to transfer their sales skills into another industry, because they have recently experienced or soon to be facing redundancy due to current market forces. These individuals will receive a digital pass to the National Sales Conference and the opportunity to network with sales industry peers and potential new employers, whilst experiencing an educational adrenaline shot of pure sales and professional development!

Who can apply*?

  • Recently or confirmed/soon to be redundant from a sales leadership role in the manufacturing, technology and/or automotive sector in the UK.
  • Member of a UK professional, industry body or with a military/emergency services background
  • You are passionate about sales and professional development

What’s in it for the KISS applicants?

  • Digital ticket to the National Sales Conference
  • Accrue x7 CPD hours/points for attendance
  • Position yourself as a champion for professional development in sales
  • Network with other sales leaders, employers and sales experts

What is expected* of KISS delegates?

We understand that corporate policies may prevent all activities being undertaken, but we are looking for KISS applicants to strive to achieve as many as possible.

  • Proactively promote #NSC21 through Linkedin and your social media channels (we can provide content, logos etc if required)
  • Introduce us to the professional/industry body where you are a member
  • Write a short piece which is aimed at professional development in sales which can be used through our social media channels and Newsletter. The article doesn’t need to be any more than 500 words and should be generic i.e. about the industry, your career, challenges, learnings etc with a small leaning to your personal experiences, organisation and NSC, but 90% generic 10% promotional
  • Advocate the values and benefits of attending NSC through your social media channels & personal network
  • Ability to use your current/future company logo (where applicable) in pre-approved marketing activities
  • Please make yourself accessible to provide us with feedback as to how we can improve & develop NSC in future years.

*Terms & Conditions: The ‘KISS Initiative’ is part of NSC’s on-going Corporate Social Responsibility programme. We understand that corporate policies may prevent all activities being undertaken, but we are looking the KISS participants to strive to achieve as many as possible whilst being a proactive supporter. With this in mind, should the spirit, goodwill and integrity of the KISS Initiative be taken for granted or compromised it will result in the withdrawal of the individual’s status. This event is organised by Lincoln West, which reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit or deny access to any entity or individual to preserve the spirit, integrity and values of the event.