Leadership Expert, You Can't Manage What you Don't Measure

You can’t manage what you don’t measure!
Chris Brindley MBE is a prominent UK Business Leader, Chairman of GreaterSport Manchester and former MD of Metro Bank. He is a leading authority on Sales Management, Customer Experience, Employee Engagement & Satisfaction particularly within organisations where change is on the agenda.
League tables, phone calls, one to one reviews, team meetings, Conference Calls, and E-mails are common activities in the sales world, most of which are retrospective and have little impact on improving performance. Does a professional sportsperson or team spend all of their time reviewing past RESULTS? No, of course they don’t.
They will of course de-brief past PERFORMANCES highlighting areas which went well ( do more of ) and areas that could be improved, but these sessions do not consume vast amounts of time. They are not lengthy inquests! What needs to happen to improve performance is ACTION going forward! What Chris will share are key steps to improve performance. These will be a blend of what makes up a success formula for winning business time and time again.
It will be a blend of what competence is required and what commitment is required and how to diagnose which is the real issue and apply the appropriate leadership style. Also included is the key use of the 2 most valuable resources a salesperson has – BRAINS and TIME, yet it is amazing how both are rarely used to there potential! An example being how the lessons for a farm in Persia over 150 years ago still underpin the success of some of the very best salespeople today!

You will learn:
– 90% of any performance is in the preparation and and Chris will share the key steps needed before and after a sale is made to be continually at the top of their game
– With his background in Sport, Chris will share how a salesperson can improve their performance by applying the principles of how an elite athlete develops over a performance cycle and uses personal bests as a motivation
– How to smash your sales objectives by using your brains and time to best effect