Expert in High Performance, The CodeBreaker Behind High Performers

The CodeBreaker Behind High Performers
Jim Steele is an internationally respected speaker and business adviser who has inspired people within some of the world’s leading companies to perform at their highest level and maintain their resilience no matter what challenges come their way.
Spanning a 25 year career, Jim has continued his quest to discover the differences between good and world-class performance. He has obsessively focused on those at the top of their game, whether from the corporate sector or the highly competitive world of professional sport, understanding what sets them apart from the rest, modelling performance excellence and distilling it into actionable strategies.
1) Empowered Beliefs
Seeing is believing…but more importantly ‘Believing’ is seeing!
Beliefs are arguably one of the most powerful forces in our business lives. They impact how well we work together, our organisational culture, our internal and external relationships…and subsequently, perhaps most important of all, our results!
‘Successful people think differently!’ … As we become more mindful of our thoughts and beliefs, we can shape them to drive behaviours that create the results that we are looking for.
Outcomes, delegates will be able to:
# Have more influence and impact over the situations that challenge them
# Adopt empowering beliefs that allow them to take actions on things they used to fear or avoid
# Build a more positive, powerful identity that can transform the way they see themselves and how others see them
# Generate 100% commitment from themselves and others
# Align their identity and beliefs to their most important goals
2) Developing Mental Toughness
Mental Toughness is all about moving each individual to create and sustain an immensely powerful inner drive and motivation. This Mental Toughness session equips participants with techniques to master their own levels of motivation.
Outcomes, delegates will be able to:
# Understand their habitual behaviors and how habits can help or hinder their success
# Exercise choice over personal motivation levels choosing more helpful responses to events and setbacks
# Maintain a positive mindset which promotes resourcefulness and productiveness in a challenging business environment
# Increase their confidence to pursue objectives and goals
# Reproduce their best days consistently when it matters most
# Appreciate the crucial importance of how attitude impacts performance and results
# Switch strategies away from fear of making mistakes towards experimenting and learning