Body Language Expert, Executive Presence - how the most effective leaders communicate

Executive presence – how the most effective leaders communicate
Your greatest ideas can fail simply by being poorly communicated. Discover how to make your ideas happen, through inspiring and motivating the people around you, so that you get the results and respect you deserve.
Richard’s team published one of the largest research studies ever done on communication and influence. The results showed that you can convince 42% more people and boost your leadership ratings by 44% by making simple changes to your communication style, which you will learn in this session.
Who is Richard Newman?
Richard is an award-winning expert in Communication and Influence.
Last year his team helped one client win over £1.2 billion in new business by improving the way they communicate, winning 100% of the work they bid for.
Richard is a guest speaker at London Business School, teaching advanced communication skills to the MBA students.
He is regularly featured on BBC London Radio, discussing the communication styles of leaders. He has also been featured on SKY TV, BBC Breakfast TV, the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Forbes Magazine.
Richard won the most coveted award in speechwriting, the Cicero Grand Prize Award for being the Best International Speechwriter, selected by a committee in Washington DC.
He has given specialist communication coaching to 50,000 people, across 45 countries, over the last 20 years. Richard’s clients include CEOs, Vice-Presidents and leaders across many industries, including companies such as Virgin, Expedia, EE, AXA, Capgemini and 3M.