Expert at Improving Teams, The 'How To' of Engagement & Wellbeing

The ‘How To’ of Engagement & Wellbeing – Grow not only Leaders but Leadership
The greatest source of inefficiency for most organisations lies in working relationships

75% of people leave jobs because of relationship issues
A typical manager loses 25% of his/her day to unnecessary conflict
Only 30% of people trust their bosses

Despite billions being spent on leadership, we keep on having the same old costly people problems – conflict, mistrust, low morale and disengagement.

This is an old problem that requires a new approach, a different style of leadership, a culture that breeds openness, trust and engagement.

Shay McConnon will give you practical ways to create the culture of engagement where staff are happy, engaged, well led and productive. He specialises in mind set and behaviour change i.e. bringing about the change rather than talking about it – transformation rather than information.

The business case for employee engagement has been made, but people struggle to create it. Shay will share with you his approach for a multi-generational workplace. He will give you practical examples and tools you can use immediately to engage your staff and get them taking ownership for their issues. Shay gives you not only the Why and the What, but the How to for creating the workplace of the future, now.

Learn how to embed the What am I going to do? not What is management going to do? mind-set and the difference this has made to the culture of Siemens, Emirates,. BAE Systems, and others.

This practical, hands-on session will enable you to achieve…
Higher levels of staff engagement
More ownership from everyone
Happier, more productive people
Reduced absenteeism and attrition
Higher profitability

Best of all, this change is driven by individuals, not management. It will equip your people to manage their working relationships and to make their place of work an even better place to work.

Who is Shay McConnon?
Shay McConnon is a psychologist, an author and the founder of McConnon International. With 5 regional offices and over 50 consultants, McConnon International offers global delivery of some unique leadership, engagement and culture solutions.

McConnon international is best known for its highly acclaimed An Even Better Place to Work, an employee engagement solution which has transformed teams in organisations like Siemens, Emirates, Environment Agency and other leading organisations in Europe and the USA.

He is a member of the Magic Circle and he uses magic to illustrate his key messages in a fun and memorable way.