Motivational Expert, Building a Resiliant Workforce - The Paradox of Being STRONG!

Building a resilient work force – The paradox of being STRONG!
With almost 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing and human performance, Steve has presented over 2,000 sessions to literally 1000s of people helping them to deliver their best, consistently (especially under pressure).
More than ever before managing stress and maintaining MENTAL WELLBEING is a critical factor in the high pressure world of Sales and Marketing.
During this session you will understand why your highest performers are more likely to ‘SNAP’ and will give you practical strategies to build their ‘PSYCHOLGICAL ARMOUR’. So that they can build their personal resilience, allow them to deliver their best under pressure and increase personal impact and reveal the secret to motivating almost anyone

You will learn:
– The personality characteristics that contribute to the ‘SNAP’
– Why your strongest people are most likely to ‘SNAP’?
– How 4 minutes can help!
– The 149 Effect
This may well be the fastest, most practical and entertaining 30 minutes of your life! Enjoy!