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“It is not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent;
it is the one most adaptable to change.”

23 November Live In Person Event




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                  Further Information...

                  As part of your Diamond Partnership, we’d love your input to help us design an educational programme for you to invite your prospects and customers. These sponsored tracks will run alongside the main National Sales Conference programme, on the same day….

                  Co-located Tracks

                  1. Sales Learning & Development – for Heads of Training, L&D and Enablement
                  2. RevTec – for Heads of Sales, Ops, Enablement, AEs, SDRs & BDRs

                  For example a customer case-study, whitepaper, motivational story, discussion panel, take away tips, round table or fireside chat.

                  Call for Papers, CLICK HERE

                  For sales, revenue & marketing leaders to learn how to convert more of the ‘right’ business opportunities. There are opportunities for partners to contribute towards the programme:

                  • Customer Experience & Engagement
                  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
                  • Sales & Revenue Enablement
                  • Sales & Revenue Operations
                  • Help sales teams be more focused, motivated and productive
                  • Prepare your sales force for any conversation and successfully secure new business
                  • Deliver smart content and effective coaching to close bigger deals
                  • Learn how to improve & take control of the buyer journey

                  Let’s work together to shape something insightful, engaging and visually amazing; free from awkward pitches and tech hiccups.

                  Included within the Diamond Partnership, we welcome your input and thoughts on creating a morning, afternoon or evening Regional Meet-up. For example a customer case-study, whitepaper, motivational story, networking opportunity, discussion panel, take away tips, round table or fireside chat.

                  Regional Meet-ups – VIEW CALENDAR

                  • Co-branded regional meet-ups, industry, role, talent recruitment or skill based focused. For example, Meet-up specifically for SDRs, Enablement or Operations, Graduate Recruitment, Apprenticeships or perhaps for sales leaders within the Financial or Manufacturing Sector
                  • Format (TBA): Discussion panel, fireside chat, round table, networking or traditional mini-conference with one of our professional speakers
                  • Audience & Community: BOTH the partner & NSC/TheGrowthHub will promote the meet-up & send invitations to our respective networks
                  • Registration data shared between partner & NSC/TheGrowthHub
                  • Additional costs for the partner will include venue, AV, badging, catering, speaker fees etc for the meet-up, i.e. direct event costs.

                  To organise this independently of the Diamond Partnership, as a bolt-on to Platinum or Gold, it would be £10,000+VAT plus direct event costs such as venue hire, AV, badging, catering, speaker fees etc.

                  Let’s work together to shape something insightful, engaging and visually amazing; free from awkward pitches and tech hiccups.

                  A) Leadership Interview…CLICK HERE
                  Put forward a C-Level (CEO, CRO, CSO, CMO, CFO etc) representative or customer to participate in a pre-recorded discussion panel or interview for The Growth Hub. Approx. 30min. An opportunity to increase the profile of one of your key customers, to help you grow social proof of your offering.

                  B) Sales Toolkit Contributor
                  We will host an On Demand Sales Toolkit on The Growth Hub. This 3-5 minute recorded presentation is 100% practical, educational & content-led, no direct product demos or pitches – delivered by a sponsor.

                  C) Tech Roast (Reserved for SaaS & Tech Providers)…CLICK HERE
                  It is becoming increasingly harder for AE & SDRs to get prospects signed-up to a demo, why? Because prospects know this hooks them into the sales process. They want to do their research first!

                  The Tech Roast is an opportunity for a technology supplier to showcase their product to a wider audience in a challenging yet safe environment.

                  The interviewer (that’s us) plays the role of a prospective client who is interested in a tech solution to solve a business need, challenging the tech provider to explore the high value features, the limitations and the potential ROI of using their technology. How does it work?

                  1. We will…provide the platform and create the content, it will be recorded and hosted on The Growth Hub. But also shared with you as a training & prospecting resource for your SDRs.
                  2. Your AE and SDRs will…take full ownership of the promotion, driving registrations to the Tech Roast. Invite your Linkedin network and prospects that have not taken up a demo yet.

                  D) Masterclass (Reserved for Training Providers)
                  Record an educational webinar (20-30min) for our CPD Accredited Masterclass Webinar Series. This is delivered under the brand of the National Sales Conference // Growth Hub, the sponsor will take the lead on marketing & promoting the session to their own database. We will host on, add to our events calendar and feature in our eNewsletter. Topics could include…

                  • Educational & Skills Based, i.e. Storytelling & Conversation Skills, Art of Negotiation, Procurement, Prospecting, Pricing Strategies, Objection Handling, Retaining & Hiring Top Talent etc
                  • Sector Specific: Manufacturing, Finance, Life Sciences (Pharma, Medical Devices) etc
                  • Role Specific: Leadership, Management, Account Management, SDRs
                  • Customer Case Study (delivered by a customer)

                  Guest Passes…

                  We will provide sponsoring partners with an allocation of guest passes to share with their prospects & customers (1 pass per prospect/customer)

                  • £FREE access for your prospects & customers (worth £595+VAT), incl. breakfast, lunch, wifi & car parking.
                  • Contact details of these invited attendees will be shared with the respective partner.
                  • We encourage partners to qualify these redeemed tickets in advance of the show, to minimise no shows and ensure NSC maintains its 85% attendance rate.
                  • Partners will be charged £50 per NO SHOW, as a contribution towards the food & drink gone to waste. This £50 will be donated to a food bank charity.
                  • Guest tickets are for GENUINE prospects & customers only, not for additional booth staff nor vendors – There is a reduced price of £195+VAT for additional staff/vendor tickets. Please contact Steve Lindsey for details


                  Match Making Introductions…

                  Approximately 1-2 weeks before NSC doors open the event app will go live, including a list of pre-registered attendees. On reviewing the attendee list, each partner can request up to 10 personal email introductions to be made before or after NSC, as organisers we will make this initial connection. We recommend you offer a small gift to encourage them to visit your booth, for example an Amazon gift card or additional NSC ticket to bring a colleague, customer or supplier.

                  • Branded Table & Reserved VIP Seating
                  • Re-Energise & Recognise Your Sales Team(s), Suppliers & Customers
                  • Opportunity to thank your most valued client, by investing in their professional development
                  • Bring your Remote Working Teams Together
                  • Brilliant network opportunity to bring your team(s), clients & prospects together

                  Newsletter & Social

                  8,100+ Engaged Community
                  Weekly eNewsletter (incl. advertising banner, white paper or article), with 42% average open rate – VIEW LATEST eNEWSLETTER

                  Social media audience. Follow & tag us, we will then share on Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook

                  This supporting marketing package provides partners with an online presence throughout the year, both pre & post-NSC.

                  For example, become a DIAMOND partner in February and the marketing package can be spread across 12 months till the following Jan/Feb. The marketing package is bespoke to each sponsors’ needs and can include, but not limited to:

                  • Banner OR Submission of article, white paper & research in Weekly eNewsletter (1 per month). Diamond Partners receive weekly inclusions.

                  Plus, Web Banners…

                  728 x 90 Leaderboard

                  300 x 250 Box

                  160 x 600 Skyscraper


                  • 2x staff passes, incl. access to conference programme, car parking, WiFi, breakfast, lunch & refreshments
                  • Table & access to power
                  • Event App profile & logo listing, incl. badge scanner & attendee list
                  • Live 1-2 weeks pre-show and remains live post event
                  • Accessible via mobile and PC/laptop – screenshot below…


                  Masterclass Webinar Series

                  • In 2022, we plan to run up to 6-8 personal & professional development Masterclass webinars delivered by independent professional speakers
                  • Align your brand alongside CPD Accredited content for leadership, sales, revenue & customer success
                  • Include a short advert in the pre-event video loop – VIEW EXAMPLE
                  • Opportunity to host/introduce professional speaker or present x1 educational webinar (reserved for training providers)

                  Back to Business in 2021…
                  We continued to run personal & professional development webinars for leadership, sales, revenue & customer success. These Quarterly Webinar Series took place in Q1: Jan-March, Q2: Apr-June, Q3: Sept-Oct), consisting of 8+ webinars per series.

                  Proven track record…
                  From April – July 2020, every Tuesday & Thursday, we delivered a series of Free Personal & Professional Development Webinars to help individuals & business during lockdown (37 webinars, with 65% attendance based 6k registrations & 4k attendees – 2.5k unique attendees). For details CLICK HERE

                  *Keynotes, Workshops & Masterclasses: The National Sales Conference is a CPD Accredited programme. To maintain CPD accreditation, whilst ensuring the uniqueness & high quality professional standard which our delegates expect, the keynotes and masterclasses will be delivered by professional independent speakers or training providers. To help us continually develop insightful agendas, as sponsor and industry leader, we’d welcome your thoughts on a relevant topic to advance sales transformation which would also align with your offering. Together, with the National Sales Conference content team, we will research your proposed topic and source a professional independent speaker to help deliver your hosted session. This vendor neutral approach is an integral element to make a successful event firstly for our delegates, but also to you the sponsors by creating a thought-provoking and educational environment which positions your organisation as thought-leaders. We know our audience, you know your stuff – so let’s work together to shape something insightful, engaging and visually amazing; free from awkward pitches and tech hiccups.