Personal & Professional Development Webinars (April - July)

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Video Impact for Event Organisers

Dominic Colenso

Tuesday 26th May, 11am BST

The Three Revolutions - A Clue to the Future!

Chris Brindley MBE

Thursday 28th May, 11am BST

Video Prospecting Through The Noise

Morgan J Ingram. Plus, Q&A with Kevin Kelly

Thursday 28th May, 4pm BST

‘Corona Selling’ – How We Need To Sell Differently

Andy Preston

Tuesday 2nd June, 11am BST

How To Look Good When Customers Google You

Penny Haslam

Thursday 4th June, 11am BST

Four Must-Win Conversations to Keep & Grow Your Customers

Tim Riesterer

Tuesday 9th June, 2pm BST

Why Salespeople Don’t Make Good Negotiators

Simon Hazeldine

Thursday 11th June, 11am BST

Keys to a Great Remote Sales Presentation

Dr. Carmen Simon

Tuesday 16th June, 2pm BST

Personal Branding: What to Know & Do About It?

Ian Moyse

Thursday 18th June, 11am BST

Feel the Fear and Still Thrive Anyway

Paul McGee

Tuesday 23rd June, 11am BST

The Power of Situational Sales Enablement

Tim Riesterer

Thursday 25th June, 2pm BST

Q&A: Back to Work Leadership Strategy

Sir Clive Woodward

Tuesday 30th June, 11am BST

Achieving Success (Even in Tough Times)

Sandro Forte

Thursday 9th July, 11am BST