Drive Growth for Your Sales Team in 2021

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? NEW!!! Interactive Webinar with 3 tracks to choose, all with different speakers

2020 is the year every sales rep became a virtual seller. When many sales teams reimagined everything they knew about customer interactions.

It’s been challenging. And there are still huge unanswered questions.

How will customers buy in the future? How much of the sales process will remain virtual? How can you improve your sales processes and speed up revenue growth?

As 89% of sales leaders believe that digital sales will last beyond COVID-19, now’s the time to learn how your team can adapt and thrive in 2021.

The webinar to up your game…
Join us for our first ever interactive webinar – where you have the freedom to watch what you want, when you want. Choose your own route which is relevant for you with this interactive and responsive live event.

With three tracks and three demos to choose from, you can choose the content that’s most relevant to your exact goals and challenges.

The power’s in your hands now!

You can choose content from three areas:

Upskill your people: New ways to run a best-in-class virtual sales team.
Scale up your processes: How to drive sales excellence in changing times.
Speed up your revenue: New ways to accelerate revenue growth with Revenue Cloud.

And for each topic, you’ll get:

✔ Sneak previews of the latest virtual selling tools from Salesforce.
✔ Accounts from customers on how they’re using Salesforce to adapt and thrive.
✔ Tried-and-tested advice from our Sales Cloud 360 experts.


Featured speakers:

Merinda Hillier, Director, Product Marketing EMEA, Salesforce
Kamilla Khaydarov, Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce
Clementina Angelino, Manager, Product Marketing, EMEA, Salesforce
Amanda Guidi, Manager, Product Marketing, EMEA, Salesforce
Ana Serrano, Manager, Product Marketing EMEA, Salesforce
Katie Campbell, Manager, Product Marketing, Salesforce
KayLeigh Dent, Manager, Product Marketing, Salesforce

Don't Fear the Telephone

Anthony Stears

Tues 23rd February @ 11am GMT

? Speaker: Anthony Stears aka. ‘The Telephone Assassin’

? Anthony Stears is a leading expert on Telephone Engagement, specialising in helping businesses to improve Customer Service levels and Sales results over the phone.

His approach is particularly effective for cultivating those low volume, high-value sales leads that are not normally responsive to cold calls, and working with account managers to “Up-Serve” their existing clients. Proving that “Service Drives Sales” no matter what you do.

? Need help generating quality leads, increasing conversion rates on incoming leads or finding more opportunities to win business with New and Existing customers? Join us on February 23rd!

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Culture Shock

Steve Simpson

Thurs 25th February @ 8am GMT

? Speaker: Steve Simpson

Steve is the creator of the ‘UGRs’ (unwritten ground rules) concept, used by companies across the world to understand and strategically improve their workplace cultures.

? Steve has worked in-house with a range of organisations on different continents over extended periods of time, including McLaren Automotive and Next in the UK, Kmart Australia and New Zealand, and Noble Systems in the US. He knows the pitfalls, traps, objections and issues that emerge when people are challenged to re-think the ‘way we do things around here’.

Steve is the author and co-author of multiple books and has recently been recognised by Professional Speakers Australia as Australian Educator of the Year Award.

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Personal Integrity to Build Your Brand & Attract Stakeholders

Charissa Bloomberg

Tues 2nd March @ 11am GMT

? Speaker: Charissa Bloomberg

Radio & TV Celebrity Psychologist, TV presenter Charissa Bloomberg is a renowned Integrity Leadership specialist, accredited Emotional Intelligence facilitator, media activist and CEO of Hidden Dimensions; a corporate training and consulting company with over 20 years of experience in consulting, coaching, mentoring, training and facilitation in all areas relating to organisational behaviour, leadership, and team analysis.

Charissa’s passion lies in Integrity Leadership and the impact of integrity in all working relationships, personal relationships, and organizations. After consulting in various institutions and working closely with teams, she realised that although institutions have Integrity as their core value, many employees do not understand what it means to apply this value in their everyday life and extensively researched this topic to see if it can be trained, writing her own training course developed material.

Regarded as a Relationship Expert on radio and TV, her programs are known to tackle burning issues in our society, with the aim of equipping her audience and followers with everyday tools. Charissa Bloomberg was privileged to consult on the Oscar Pistorius trial, due to her extensive knowledge of Anger and the Fight/Flight response.

Key Take-Aways:
✔️ Understanding the power of integrity to influence your brand
✔️ Applying the Integrity Code to our everyday life and work
✔️ Sharing tips to raise the integrity meter and build integrity conscious skills

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How to Build a World Class Mindset

Simon Hartley

Thurs 4th March @ 11am GMT

? Speaker: Simon Hartley

Key Take-Aways:

✔️ How to engineer your mindset and drive your performance
✔️ A range of practical approaches that enable you to hone focus, control confidence and master motivation
✔️ How to apply all of this to yourself and your people

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Who Are You As a Leader & How Do You Change Under Pressure

Vicky O'Farrell

Tues 9th March @ 11am GMT

? Speaker: Vicky O’Farrell

Vicky O’Farrell is a Professional Speaker, Businesswoman and people expert.

After 25 years in the corporate world, Vicky set up Motivational Voice and from her fascination of people and wanting to understand “why people do and say the things they do” she studied to become DISC Personality Profiler.

As a qualified, award-winning DISC Practitioner she has given presentations to numerous corporations helping them understand their team dynamics to build stronger and supportive teams, improve morale, reduce stress and enhance communication and productivity.

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The Win Woman

Yanyn 'Yany' San Luis

Thurs 11th March @ 11am GMT

? Speaker: Yanyn ‘Yany’ San Luis

Winning has been seen as a negative thing for far too long. Winning and being competitive isn’t. It’s a sense of improvement. How am I going to be better? How am I going to beat the me of last year?

Throughout her career, Yany has been laser-focused on people knowing who she is, what she stands for, and above the value she brings to the table. It wasn’t always like that, it took mistakes, learning new habits, and getting into the mindset for her to figure this out.

For over ten years, Yany has coached entrepreneurs from all different walks of life in self-confidence and courage. She’s learned that courage can be taught, and it goes in tandem with knowing what you’re worth. Yany is a motivator, passionate about changing the status quo while creating game-changers.

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Just One Reason - The Power of Professional Relationships

Andy Lopata

Thurs 18th March @ 11am GMT

? Speaker: Andy Lopata

Andy Lopata is an acclaimed professional relationships strategist, with global clients including Paypal, GlaxoSmithKline and Brother.

An authour of four books on networking, Andy has often been quoted in the media, including The Sunday Times, The Financial Times and Inc. In fact, the FT called Andy ‘one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists’ and both and The Independent called him ‘a true master of networking’. He started working in networking in 1999, and spent eight years as Managing Director of a UK networking organisation that had over 2,000 member companies.

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Lost Knowledge

Peter Edge

Tues 23rd March @ 11am GMT

? Speaker: Peter Edge

Peter Edge has been a professional speaker for more than thirty years, and has worked with some of the best-known sportspeople and comedy greats. In over thirty years of policing the inner city of Liverpool, Peter has picked up some stories and seen some sights, and is happy to share them!

Peter brings his planning and preparation skills, along with his ability to make decisions and problem solve under pressure.

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Human Communication in an Online World

Nick Looby

Thurs 25th March @ 11am GMT

? Speaker: Nick Looby

Nick Looby is a communication specialist that passionately speaks on the positive and negative aspects of communication and how we can successfully use our natural-born talent in our favor.

Nick unveils the basis of authentic communication as he uses psychology, story-telling, and guided strategies in assisting audience members into becoming real communication experts for the advancement of work, personal, and their relationship with themselves.

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Future Fit

Greg Orme

Tues 30th March @ 11am BST

? Speaker: Greg Orme

Greg Orme is a lecturer and programme director at the London Business School where he founded and grew the Centre for Creative Business.

Because of his reputation as a globally-renowned keynote speaker on igniting the creative spark in leaders and organisations he has delivered more than 350 energetic, engaging and humorous talks around the world. His writing and research focuses on how leaders build innovative, entrepreneurial, agile cultures to survive and thrive in a world of accelerating change.

In addition, he works directly with his own portfolio of clients including Sky, eBay, the International Olympic Committee, Randstad Group, Arcadia Group and Virgin Media.

As a former national TV news producer for Channel 5 News, ITV News and GMTV he had to rapidly uncover the essence of complex stories, choose the correct format to enhance the message, write engaging scripts and blend a balance of pre-recorded and live assets from multiple contributors.Register for Greg’s session today…

Are You Being Useful or Are You Being Used?

Jos Burton

Tues 13th April @ 11am BST

? Speaker: Jos Burton

Jos Burton is the author of Be Useful – a self-development book that was shortlisted for the Business Book Awards – it asks the question: Is The World Making Good Use Of You? As a speaker, Jos brings together his experience and expertise in an accessible manner that engages and challenges the audience.

Jos is also an executive coach and training consultant with over 30 years’ experience in leadership development. He has designed and delivered a range of development solutions for both the public sector and commercial organisations globally.

Jos coaches senior leaders and executives to enable them to achieve their development goals and become more effective in their roles. His key focus has always been to ensure complete engagement with executives and their organisations to create environments in which talent can flourish.

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Mindfulness For The Modern Age

Karen Farrell

Thurs 15th April @ 11am BST

? Speaker: Karen Farrell

Karen is a Facilities Manager who understands the importance of establishing strong working relationships with suppliers and contractors, as well as meeting the needs and expectations of various stakeholders.

Currently, she is responsible for the operations of Turner and Townsend’s global flagship office in London, and manage all aspects of the facilities services, including leading a team of motivated individuals.

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The 7 Powerful Principles of Growing a Positive and Profitable Sales Pipeline

Simon Hazeldine

Tues 4th May @ 11am BST

? Speaker: Simon Hazeldine

Simon Hazeldine works internationally as a sales performance and sales transformation consultant, conference speaker and seminar leader. He has worked in over thirty countries and his client list includes some of the world’s largest and most successful companies.

Simon has a master’s degree in psychology, is the bestselling author of five books that have been endorsed by a host of business leaders including multi-billionaire business legend Michael Dell and is co-founder of the UK’s leading sales podcast “The Sales Chat Show”.

Key Take-Aways:

✔️ The 3 questions you must ask about your sales pipeline every single week
✔️ The two different perspectives that you must have if you want a positive sales pipeline
✔️ The one thing that research shows 65% of salespeople get wrong and that destroys their sales productivity

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Changing People's Perspective

Nick Saunders

Thurs 13th May @ 11am BST

? Speaker: Nick Saunders

Nick Saunders has a 25-year track record as an international keynote speaker and trainer. Nick is known as ‘The Family Man’ because he demonstrates that workplaces are like families; you can choose your friends but work colleagues and families you’re stuck with.

However, you can still get on with them and Nick shows you how… by turning relationships into results. He delivers his powerful message in a highly entertaining style that is unusual, unstuffy and unpretentious.

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No Ordinary People – Team Performance Culture

Tony Walmsley

Tues 18th May @ 11am BST

? Speaker: Tony Walmsley

Tony Walmsley is a performance coach with a vision to impact the modern workplace by helping courageous leaders inspire consistent high performance.

He founded The Leaders Advisory framework, which was created for people exposed to stress, in roles with a high level of scrutiny and demand for results.

Key Take-Aways:

✔️ Defining Performance in Context
✔️ Individuality and a Winning Culture
✔️ Simple Navigation of Complex Team Dynamics

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