National Sales Conference 2019

UK's only Independent CPD Accredited Event for Sales Transformation

RICOH Arena, Coventry
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Here are a few clips from the 2018 conference. A wide array of speakers, industry leaders, breakouts, workshops and Q&A sessions.

Join some of the UK's leading brands...

Dont just take our word for it..

Why NSC19?

Now in its sixth year, the sell-out National Sales Conference (NSC19) is universally regarded as the UK's leading sales event amongst C-level sales orientated professionals. NSC19 offers you the opportunity to be empowered and inspired by key presentations from some of the world’s leading internationally renowned leadership and motivational speakers.

Why Companies Invest in their Sales Force?

  • Increase sales effectiveness & revenue
  • Improve motivation & profit margins
  • Recognition & award sales teams
  • Greater productivity
  • Retain key personnel & attract new talent

  • Who will be there?

  • CEOs, Sales Directors, Heads of Sales & Sales Managers
  • Sales Enablement, Head of Talent and L&D Professionals
  • Sales Teams, Account Managers, BDMs & Sales Executives
  • Inside Sales Professionals
  • Future Sales Talent, Universities & Growth Mindset Graduates
  • We wouldn't be able to host our conference without help from these amazing organisations. A huge thanks to all our sponsors & partners!

    The Ricoh Arena in Coventry, England, is a complex which includes a 32,609-seater stadium, used by Wasps rugby union and Coventry City football clubs, a 6,000 square metres exhibition hall, a hotel and a casino.

    RICOH Arena, Coventry

    Judds Lane, Coventry, CV6 6GE, United Kingdom

    Car Parking

    The Ricoh Arena boasts three on-site car parks with a total of 2,000 spaces available to visiting guests. All of our car parks are within close proximity of the venue’s main North and South entrances.


    By train

    The railway station for the Ricoh Arena is the main Coventry railway station, which is in the City Centre and approximately six miles away. There are always black cabs immediately outside the station and it is roughly a 10 to 15 minute journey.

    National Rail
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    7 Steps to Increase Salespeople Retention

    There are few things more disappointing than your superhero salesperson who closes deal after deal deciding to leave the company. However, your organisation is not alone in this phenomenon of high sales employee turnover. There are many contributing factors to this high turnover rate but the onus is on sales leaders to address it by: […]

    How Removing Email Reliance Can Bolster Your Sales Success

    It can be hugely tempting for salespeople to fall back on the simplicity and convenience of email, as opposed to the more daunting task of picking up the phone to their prospect or customer. However, getting over the fear of having a real conversation can be the catalyst for long-lasting, meaningful client relationships. A five-minute […]

    5 Tips for Generating More Sales Leads

    Prospecting for new customers is often cited as the most difficult part of any salesperson’s job. Putting in calls and sending out emails to prospective clients is often a defining moment in meeting their quota and bringing in qualified leads that meet the business’ requirements. Sourcing leads requires a salesperson to understand both the needs […]

    How to Increase the Perception of the Salesperson

    Ask anyone who doesn’t work in sales for their perception of salespeople and it’s more than likely to be a negative response: Pushy, irritating, persistent are commonly held connotations of our profession. However, those traits are also key to being a successful salesperson. After all, 80% of successful sales calls require at least five follow-ups […]

    The 5 Key Benefits of an Effective Revenue Management System

    Revenue management brings a variety of benefits to the Finance and Sales teams, customers, and partners. Here are the top five benefits of an effective revenue management solution. 1. Revenue Management Helps Manage Cash Flow: Cash flow is the amount of cash a company has or expects to have, on hand at any given time. […]

    5 Ways Modern Learning Platforms Boost Onboarding Effectiveness

    If you’ve ever organized a classroom-based onboarding session for new hires, then you have something in common with the director of a play: You know what it’s like to pour a lot of time, energy and money into a “live” production that may go over well one day, but fall flat the next – a show that […]

    At the National Sales Conference, we have a wealth of information all about Sales and its related business areas. Join our community and feel free to reach out to us via our social profiles