Accredited CPD Standards Office Provider ID: 41127

What is the CPD Standards Office?

The CPD Standards Office is part of the Professional Development Consortium and is an organisation that offers accreditation for formal training and learning activities alongside running continuous research into new and better ways of doing CPD. The aim of the CPD Standards Office is to ensure that the CPD provision on offer to professionals across ever sector is varied, engaging and effective.

Are there other CPD accredited centres? Yes, however…

The CPD Standards Office is the only CPD Accreditation centre based on research and with an Expert Advisory Board that oversees an assessment process. This means the assessment process is not only rigorous and therefore carries the credibility and recognition that it does, but it is also reviewed by an independent panel to ensure we are also keeping up to standard.

The CPD Standards Office is also the only CPD accreditation service in the UK that is part of the CPD Forum and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Skills and Employment, this gives them an unrivalled expertise across Learning and Development and CPD.

Lincoln West have achieved CPD accreditation and their event – the National Sales Conference has been formally accredited for CPD purposes. Along with this their Growth Hub has also been successfully assessed and accredited.

Lincoln West and the CPD Standards Assessment Process

Lincoln West’s events and materials have undergone a detailed assessment process with the CPD Standards Office which involves a review of how the content is developed and delivered, and how speakers are sourced.

The assessment process at the CPD Standards Office has been based on the CPD Research Project into new and better ways of doing CPD, and aims to ensure that the learning provided is engaging and delivers transferable skills. Since it’s creation, the process is reviewed and updated regularly, in partnership with the CPD Standards Advisory Board, which is a group of academics, professionals and professional bodies that all contribute to ensure the process moves with the learning and development industry.

By attending the National Sales Conference and using the Growth Hub, delegates can be confident that they are engaging with high quality, innovative and informative content that will provide knowledge that is applicable in the workplace.

What does that mean for our delegates?

CPD is important for any professional, some sectors are governed by a Professional Body or Regulator each of which have a CPD policy that their members must adhere to.

Regulated professionals need to maintain their CPD record in order to continue to practice and this can be measured by the number of CPD hours (or points) a professional undertakes, or else in an outcomes based way. This means that individuals must self prescribe learning they feel they need, and then reflect on how it has helped them to improve in their role.

If you don’t have a formal CPD record to keep, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a personal one. Our research has shown that a CPD section on a CV can greatly improve employability prospects (The CPD Research Project 2010).

Undertaking and recording formal CPD is a great way to demonstrate to your current or prospective employer that you work hard to keep up to date. Keeping a record of your formal CPD can help you not only progress in your current role and keep up to date within your industry but it can also help with a career change across sectors.

You can request a formal CPD certificate to log CPD points in your record once you have completed accredited training, structured reading, or attended an accredited event. The CPDSO certificate also comes with a reflective learning tool on the back to help you put together a reflective statement if you have an outcomes based CPD policy.

For employers, it is important to demonstrate to staff that you are invested in their development, offering CPD Accredited activities shows that.

Employees can use the certificate and CPD points in their professional record to help them progress in the future beyond their current role, and that kind of encouragement and dedication to learning can help motivate a team.

The CPD Standards Office accreditation is recognised internationally and so delegates can rest assured that the CPD points can be counted in a CPD record wherever they are based. CPD is also an international term, although the phrasing changes, CE (Continuing Education) for example. This means that wherever your professional career takes you, the commitment to professional development and competency is demonstrated and recognised.

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Why is a CPD Accredited Event Programme Important?

We believe that learning and enabling a growth mindset throughout your sales force is key to running a successful and profitable business, providing an environment that not only develops and retains your existing personnel, but attracts the best talent. As a well-known entrepreneur & philanthropist once said…

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to”

What are the benefits of CPD?

The benefits of CPD can be seen from two perspectives – that of the employee, and that of the employer.

For employees, CPD helps them keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date. It also ensures that the professional standard of their qualifications and registrations is maintained. Furthermore, it contributes to their professional sense of direction. Completing CPD helps build their confidence and credibility, allows them to showcase their achievements and equips them with tools to cope positively with change.

CPD is beneficial for employees’ career progression and advancement. CPD research confirmed that for anyone hoping to get promoted, or wanting to specialise in a different area, demonstrating their learning agility and dedication to CPD can make a substantive difference

For employers, the primary benefit of CPD is ensuring that standards across the company are high and consistent. CPD also promotes greater work engagement from the workforce and general commitment to job roles. Having a number of employees undertake CPD, whether concurrently or over a period of time, allows for the sharing of best practice and support. CPD also contributes to maximising staff potential and provides a useful benchmark for annual appraisals.

How many CPD Points do I Accrue?

This varies on the event programme & format, however, typically it equates to 7 points per full day attendance at the National Sales Conference.